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Copenhagen, Denmark


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Qui ne sait se borner ne sut jamais écrire. Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux, L'Art poétique 1674



Scientia est nobilis animi possessio, quae distributa recipit incrementum et avarum dedignatur possessorem. Nisi enim publicetur et multiplicetur, elabitur.

Johannes Dacus, Divisio Scientiarum c. 1280




"Nam etiam illa barbaria, quae trans oceanum habitat, in illam <dialecticam> impetum fecit. At quae gentes, dii boni? Quorum etiam nomina perhorresco: Farabrich <Richard Ferrybridge †after 1367>, Buser <William Buser of Heusden †after 1413>, Occam <William Ockham †1347>, Suisset <Roger Swineshead †1365?>, aliique eiusmodi, qui omnes mihi videntur a rhadamantis cohorte traxisse cognomina. Et quid est (...) inquam, in dialectica quod non britannicis sophismatibus conturbatum sit?" Leonardo Bruni. Ad Petrum Paulum Histrum dialogus. In: Prosatori latini del Quattrocento. Milano 1952, 58-60. So, why did Bruni complain so much over Ferrybridge?

Bernadette Preben Hansen

Birth name: Elisa Bernadette Preben-Hansen (unmarried)

Copenhagen, Denmark





Danish, born 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Educated at the University of Copenhagen (The Institute of Greek and Latin Medieval Philology / Institute of Greek and Latin, MA 1994). Studies at Groningen University, COMERS, the Netherlands, as PhD fellow Ubbo Emmius Bursaal 1999-2001: John Buridan †1360 and Buridanism at the Central European Universities 1350-1420


I have been working on sophismata and on selected commentaries on Aristotle's Physics. Currently (autumn 2016), I am carrying out the substantial updating of the E. P. Bos / L. M. de Rijk Database. Leiden: Medieval Logical Manuscripts (around 10.000 entries). My travels in Europe (conferences, libraries, manuscripts, symposia)




Filolog, født 1967 (Charlottenlund). Kandidat i latinsk middelalderfilologi fra Københavns Universitet 1994. Ph.d. stipendiat i skolastik ved Groningen Universitet, Nederlandene 1999-2001. Universitetsstudier i primært historie: Tysklands, Ruslands, Sovjetunionens, Polens og Baltikums historie, politik og militærhistorie, historisk kildekritik og palæografi, den latinske katolske og den russiske ortodokse kirkehistorie, reformations- og oplysningstidshistorie i Europa, Københavns Universitets historie, filosofihistorie i skolastik og oplysningstid, samt nederlandsk grammatik og sprogfærdighed. Har på dansk publiceret om dansk krigsfangehjælp i Rusland og Sibirien 1917-1920. The Danish Aid to POWs in Soviet Russia and Siberia 1917-1920. Interested in Philosophy and in the History of Learning



And writing on three manuscripts:

a. Dansk krigsfangehjælp i Rusland 1917-20 (160 pages, publication: 2017), The Danish Aid to POWs in Soviet Russia and Siberia 1917-1920

b. Harald Scavenius: en dansk diplomat i Europa (100 pages), Harald Scavenius: a Danish Diplomat in Europe (publication: 2018)

c. The Heritage of John Buridan (defence: 2019)

d. Medieval Logic: Oxford and Paris



Spoken languages: Danish (native), English (fluent), Dutch/Nederlands (good), German (all right)

Reading: the spoken languages, Latin, French and Italian


Knowledge of: Ancient Greek, Bible Hebrew, Russian, Latin Palaeography (13C and 14C philosophical manuscripts), History of Medieval Philosophy, 20th Century European History, History of Germany, Russia, USSR and the Baltics, History of Literature and Poetry.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Sea around Denmark

My courses at the University of Copenhagen 1986-2016









I. to see my two small books published in Danish, with extensive summaries in English, German and Nederlands:


a. Dansk krigsfangehjælp i Rusland 1917-20 (160 pages)

b. Harald Scavenius: en dansk diplomat i Europa (100 pages)


II. to defend my PhD (!). My PhD cannot be defended in Copenhagen (since 25-6-1999, due to my past engagement for marriage, 14-3-1991, with Professor Sten Ebbesen, on his spontaneous unexpected initiative, unsolicited: 15-12-1989. I was 22 and an undergraduate student of the University of Copenhagen. We fell in love 1990-1991 (après 15-12-1989)


But the past is never dead. It's not even past

- at the University of Copenhagen


Almost daily commenting - as Marie Delgado Ebbesen, b. 1972, the teenager living at home in 1991 - on private matters and on my social status at our institute, Hannah Krogh Hansen, the Department secretary, was undermining our engagement 1990-1991, our happy teacher-student relation, 1990-1991, and my working situation as a student, ambitious in research (I felt at home at the SAXO Library, working 10-12 hours every day). She was openly harassing me at our institute and at the Faculty, 1990s, 2011; I could not handle the strong opposition by Hannah Krogh Hansen, the opposition by Marie Delgado Ebbesen, the unannounced visits by Anni Aggernæs (Skolevej 20, 2820 Gentofte), the insensitive councils (creating looneliness between two persons in love) by Klara Preben-Hansen, and the fact that Professor Sten Ebbesen did not really care for my life, at the same time 1991. I broke into pieces;


Professor Sten Ebbesen turned against me 1993, refusing every communication 1992, excluding me permanently from working access to our SAXO Library 1993, from social scientific events 1993; blocking my examinations 1994, and effectively destroying my future 25-6-1999 (Kirsten Stenbjerre 1999; Dorrit Wivel 1999-2016); Professor Sten Ebbesen remains blocking my future, in Copenhagen and outside Copenhagen, my working access to our SAXO Library, so important and necessary to me


In 2004, the University of Copenhagen granted me personal permission to consult the SAXO Library Greek and Latin - at the Royal Library of Copenhagen; In 2011, the Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman confirmed my library permission; In 2015, the University of Copenhagen, finally, effectuated my library permission in practice (waiting time per book is around 3-8 weeks); Professor Sten Ebbesen remains refusing me working access to our microfilms (cf. Hanne Møller, 2015). This is 25 years after an extremely unhappy engagement - with consequences for the undergraduate student at the University of Copenhagen


III. to do some selected Latin editions of minor pieces of 14C Oxford Logic: John Dumbleton, Thomas Wyk, and some others


IV. to defend my dr.phil. at the University of Copenhagen, my homeuniversity





THE SAXO LIBRAY, Greek and Latin sine qua non!


"Science, scholarship and books go together. Without books no science or scholarship" (Sten Ebbesen). The Danes, science, scholarship, and books in the Middle Ages. Living Words and Luminous Pictures: Medieval book culture in Denmark (ed. Erik Petersen). Copenhagen 1999 (87-7023-396-9), 119


"The work on this book has been performed in the Institute of Greek and Latin Medieval Philology under the University of Copenhagen. Had I not got the chance to work there, I could never have written it" (Niels Jørgen Green-Pedersen). The Tradition of the Topics in the Middle Ages, The Commentaries on Aristotle’s and Boethius’ Topics. München 1984 (3-88 405-046-X), 9







STEN EBBESEN (1989) 1994-1999 (-2016)

AKTINDSIGT: umiddelbar tilgængelighed, jf. Bernadette Preben-Hansen. ALL DOCUMENTS ARE PUBLIC



The Parliamentary Ombudsman in Denmark (Bernadette Preben-Hansen, against Dorrit Wivel, Rector's office. Mentioning neither source nor name, Dorrit Wivel in 1999 copy pasted statements 1999 by Sten Ebbesen word to word (he is declared disqualified by the Dean 1994, due to our former relation since 1989, official engagement 1991 and cohabitation 1991). Dorrit Wivel declared these statements for so-called facts 1999. I denied/refused 1999."It is easier to copy paste an already existing report, and these statements are facts, no matter the author of this report is declared disqualified", a confronted Dorrit Wivel explained in writing 1999 (i. e. no matter that the author of these statements is your former teacher, lover and future husband; the only thing that matters at the University of Copenhagen is, that Sten Ebbesen is the Professor dr.phil. and of this reason, only, must be right, at the University of Copenhagen. One statement 1999 was later documented to be evidently false 2001. Our engagement and my person was strongly opposed 1990-99, 2011 by the Department secretary (documentation at the Faculty): 2011-2405-7510, 2010-5151-7011 / February 17, 2011 / 2010-0681-7012, 2008-2217-701, 2007-2118-701, 2006-2287-712, 2006-2023-712, 2005-1794-712, 2004-2695-712; Danish University and Property Agency: 06-010590; Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation: 42 137; Danish Ministry of Education 2000-2726-276. An Inventory of Microfilms in the Collection of Latin Medieval Scholastic Manuscripts, Copenhagen; University of Copenhagen, Personale og Jura: 715-861-3/99 (Bernadette Preben-Hansen, b. 1967): June 25, 1999 (relegatio in perpetuo, by Kirsten Stenbjerre and Dorrit Wivel, at the request of Sten Ebbesen): Disciplinary Measures towards Students at the University of Copenhagen (sic!), at the request of Hannah Krogh Hansen/Sten Ebbesen 1994-99: Hannah Krogh Hansen 1990-99, 2011 (strongly opposing our engagement and my person, repeatedly asking questions into our private life, commenting on my "status" as a student at our institute, and spreading rumors at the Faculty, 1990s, 2011); Kirsten Stenbjerre 1996-99; Dorrit Wivel 1999-2016; Ulf Hedetoft 2011 (at the request of Hannah Krogh Hansen?). Faculty of Humanities: 605-0019/11-4550, 605-0017/11-4550, 605-0001/06-7710, 605-0001/06-4550, 401-221-149/97-4261 (Sten Ebbesen, b. 1946). Sten Ebbesen is declared disqualified (1994) by the Dean (John Kuhlmann Madsen). Engagement (with Sten Ebbesen): 14-3-1991 (spontaneous initiative by Sten Ebbesen: 15-12-1989). Cohabitation (with Sten Ebbesen): 1991. Sten Ebbesen is declared disqualified: The Dean 1994, Rector 1999


My PhD cannot be defended in Copenhagen (since 25-6-1999, due to my past engagement with Professor Sten Ebbesen. Private relation on his spontaneous unexpected initiative (unsolicited, in initio unwished): 15-12-1989. After a Christmas party at our institute, offering a lift, he drove an intoxicated student “home”, with the undergraduate student’s consent - to his own private address, without the student’s consent. This was a misunderstanding, fatale to me. I was 22, he was 43, I did not know him, I was afraid of him, I did not wish to pay an university teachers private address a visit, around midnight. But the University of Copenhagen has no rules on the behavior of (male) employees towards (female) undergraduate students. At the University of Copenhagen, it is - due to the Disciplinary Measures towards Students at the University of Copenhagen - the student paying the prize (besides private life): examinations, scientific defenses, career options. However, we were a couple by 27-12-1989. We fell in love, and we lived two very happy years 1990-1991 as teacher and pupil. Our life was research in medieval philosophy. The loss was and remains for me beyond any words, time and space


In 1991, I was challenged by the address: Skolevej 20, 2820 Gentofte (Marie Delgado Ebbesen, b. 1972). The same address of the (frequently and unannounced visiting) former wife Anni Aggernæs 1970-1990 and childhood home for three children, one (Marie Delgado Ebbesen, b. 1972) living at home. The teenager knew me better than I know myself. ”You are taking my father from me”, the teenager once said. “No, Mary, I am not. No-one can take a father from his child”. The final conversation: Sten Ebbesen (loudly): “Without my children, I am no-one. You won’t accept my family! You are a foreigner!” Bernadette Preben-Hansen (sadly): “It is your family, that won’t accept me ...”). But it was impossible to communicate. He was beyond reach. Marie Delgado Ebbesen never understood neither our relation, my intentions, nor my catholic background (mindset). I was her father’s pupil, not her (evil) stepmother. I loved the man. I did have nothing to do with the divorce from Anni Aggernæs 1989-1990, but was possibly somewhat "used" in it. The ultimate rejection of my person: c. 20-8-1991 ("Three is enough!" Sten Ebbesen said, not considering my life. I was sad and relived leaving the address. However, I did not wish to lose neither Sten nor Martha, and most important to me: the SAXO library, research and my future. But in Sten Ebbesens universe, you are either IN or OUT


In 1992/93, Sten Ebbesen refused every communication, in perpetuo


In 1993, Sten Ebbesen refused me working access to our scientific library: The SAXO Library, Greek and Latin, to the project: Aristotle's Rhetoric in Latin Scholasticism. He refused me working access to the relevant microfilms. He blocked my exams 1994. With one candidate degree, I was due to Danish law refused to defend a second candidate (Russian, Eastern European Studies). I was trapped in Latin and in

a permanent no-future situation


In 1999, Sten Ebbesen requested a relegatio in perpetuo of my person from the University of Copenhagen (I was at the time completely broken, suicidal, after years of documented harassments - 1990s, 2011 - by Hannah Krogh Hansen, and due to my blocked exams and projects). Dorrit Wivel held a face to face meeting with Sten Ebbesen, June 1999. She never met me. Sten Ebbesen’s children reappeared in the acts (Dorrit Wivel 1999) the University of Copenhagen ... I could see no rationality behind these accusations 1999


In 2004, the University of Copenhagen granted me personal permission to consult the SAXO Library Greek and Latin - at the Royal Library of Copenhagen. But the University of Copenhagen did not effectuate this permission


In 2011, the Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman confirmed my library permission


In 2014, Dorrit Wivel refused my application for pardon of the University of Copenhagen. Today, a second candidate degree is allowed (since 2008)


In 2015, the University of Copenhagen - finally - effectuated my library permission in practice


However, Sten Ebbesen remains refusing me working access to our microfilms (cf. Hanne Møller 2015). He and his Danish pupils are excluding me from all social scientific events in Copenhagen, Gothenburg and internationally (with no rational reason other than our past engagement 1991)

Thomas Dewender and I (friends since 1993)

Bonn 2007