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Qui ne sait se borner ne sut jamais écrire. Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux, L'Art poétique 1674



Scientia est nobilis animi possessio, quae distributa recipit incrementum et avarum dedignatur possessorem. Nisi enim publicetur et multiplicetur, elabitur.

Johannes Dacus, Divisio Scientiarum c. 1280




"Nam etiam illa barbaria, quae trans oceanum habitat <in Oxford>, in illam <dialecticam> impetum fecit. At quae gentes, dii boni? Quorum etiam nomina perhorresco: Farabrich <Richard Ferrybridge †after 1367>, Buser <William Buser of Heusden †after 1413>, Occam <William Ockham †1347>, Suisset <Roger Swineshead †1365?>, aliique eiusmodi, qui omnes mihi videntur a rhadamantis cohorte traxisse cognomina. Et quid est (...) inquam, in dialectica quod non britannicis sophismatibus conturbatum sit?"


Leonardo Bruni. Ad Petrum Paulum Histrum dialogus. In: Prosatori latini del Quattrocento. Milano 1952, 58-60. So, why did Bruni complain so much ... ?

Bernadette Preben-Hansen

Birth name: Elisa Bernadette Preben-Hansen


Copenhagen (Vesterbro), Denmark




Filolog, født 1967 (Charlottenlund)

1994, kandidat (latin), Københavns Universitet

1999-2001, ph.d. stipendiat (skolastik) ved Groningen Universitet, Nederlandene


2004-2017, universitetsstudier i historie: filosofihistorie, kirkehistorie (læs: politisk historie), retshistorie, universitetshistorie (herunder Københavns Universitet) samt Tysklands, Ruslands, USSRs, Polens og Baltikums historie



Philologist (Latin), Danish, born 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Educated at the University of Copenhagen (The Institute of Greek and Latin Medieval Philology / Institute of Greek and Latin, MA 1994). Studies at Groningen University, COMERS, the Netherlands, as PhD fellow (student) 1999-2001: John Buridan †1360 and Buridanism at the Central European Universities 1350-1420


I am interested in medieval Latin sophismata and minor treatises on de incipit et desinit and on de primo et ultimo instanti. I have been working on selected commentaries on Aristotle's Physics. Currently (2017), I am carrying out the substantial updating of the E. P. Bos / L. M. de Rijk Database. Leiden: Medieval Logical Manuscripts (around 10.000 entries) on the basis of my list of our manuscripts. My travels in Europe (my symposia, and my library research on location). My life at MY University of Copenhagen 1989 to 2017





MY WORK in progress 2017

Dansk krigsfangehjælp i Rusland 1917-1920 (200 pages, book in Danish). The Danish Aid to POWs in Russia 1917-1920 (25 pages, article in English)


Harald Scavenius: en dansk diplomat i Europa (120 pages, book in Danish). A Danish Diplomat in Europe (25 pages, article in English)


In the Footsteps of Jean Buridan†1360 (4-5 articles): Henry Totting of Oyta†1397 (no Buridanist), Roger of Roermond†1409, Blasius of Parma†1416 (no Buridanist), Frederick of Nuremberg†1464. My PhD thesis as articles in English. In the Footsteps of Lambert Marie de Rijk



The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Sea around Denmark


John Dumbleton's Summa Logicae 14C

Theories of Paradox in Fourteenth-Century Logic: Edition and Translation of Key Texts



Speaking: Danish (native), English, Dutch, some German

Reading (modern languages): the above plus French, Italian, and some elementary Russian

Reading (classical languages): Latin, some Classical Greek, some Biblical Hebrew

"Du skulle bare vide, hvor mange inkompetente mænd jeg har tabt til <herunder på Københavns Universitet> - forgæves" (Inge Lehmann, 1888-1993)


THE SAXO LIBRAY Greek and Latin




"Science, scholarship and books go together.

Without books no science or scholarship"

Sten Ebbesen


The Danes, science, scholarship, and books in the Middle Ages. Living Words and Luminous Pictures: Medieval book culture in Denmark

(ed. Erik Petersen). Copenhagen 1999 (87-7023-396-9), 119



"The work on this book has been performed in the Institute of Greek and Latin Medieval Philology <SAXO> under the University of Copenhagen. Had I not got the chance to work there, I could never have written it" Niels Jørgen Green-Pedersen


The Tradition of the Topics in the Middle Ages, The Commentaries on Aristotle’s and Boethius’ Topics. München 1984 (3-88-405-046-X), 9

Bernadette & Sten Ebbesen 15-12-1989 (his initiative, at the University of Copenhagen), 14-3-1991 (engagement), to 13-12-1991 (cohabitation with Marie Delgado Ebbesen, b. 1972)


→ → → A Bureaucratic Kafka-Story 1993-2017 for the undergraduate student (candidate 1994, Ph.D. student 1999-2002, undercover student 2004-2017) at the University of Copenhagen


DUE TO: Hannah Krogh Hansen, Kirsten Stenbjerre, Dorrit Wivel, Hanne Møller (former Head of HR & Personnel), and selected female bureaucrats of the University of Copenhagen: ALL ACTS ARE PUBLIC!

"So dienen die transszendentale Ideen, wenngleich nicht dazu, uns positiv zu belehren, doch die freche und das Feld der Vernunft verengende Behauptungen des Materialismus, Naturalismus, und Fatalismus aufzuheben, und dadurch den moralischen Ideen außer dem Felde der Spekulation Raum zu verschaffen, und dies würde, dünkt mich, jene Naturanlage einigermaßen erklären"


They seek her here, they seek her there

Those female bureaucrats of the Faculty of Humanities (University of Copenhagen) seek her everywhere:

'They' are Hannah Krogh Hansen, Kirsten Stenbjerre, Dorrit Wivel (P&J), Hanne Møller. 'She' is me



Do these women know what research is?

Where is she? Is she at South Campus? Is she at the Royal Library? Or is she at home? That demmed elusive female student/ candidate/ PhD fellow/ dr. in spe. She meddles with research at our Faculty; popping in and out each week - almost every day




“Books? Why do you need access to books? You are an MA” (Margit Laurberg). Simply stay home in bed, with all your interference. “I am an MA, yes in 1994, but I just began my life in research: magisterkonferens, PhD, dr.phil. - a PhD student (with an Ubbo Emmius fellowship in Nederland 1999 to 2001). I need access to books and microfilms. I need to work, I need to work, to work, to work, to work. I need to work, I need to work, to work, to work, to work - every day. I need access to books, periodicals and microfilms - in my everyday life every day 24/7”


1994 to 2017

It took the Faculty of Humanities, twenty-three years - 1994 (1999, 2004, 2011) to 2017 - to give me a functioning restricted access to our SAXO Library, Greek and Latin. Professor Sten Ebbesen remains refusing me access to microfilms (Hanne Møller, 2015)




Kirsten Stenbjerre did not understand the ambitions and the intellectual capacity of the younger female generations. She did not know, that research training is not a vocational education and does not count in the civil society in Denmark



MY DIARY 1990-2017

16-3-2011 (David Bloch: "De gamle vidensamfund - og vores"); 14-9-2011 (Sten Ebbesen: "Den Aristoteliske tradition"); 9-3-2017 (KUA2's forhal: jagten ved den grå HK'er og Hanne Møller, HR- og personalechef)



LITERATURE (Hannah Krogh Hansen)

Holberg, Melampe, 1725

And it is quite true