Aristotle's Rhetoric in Latin Scholasticism

The project is abandoned by me, c. 1995 (no happy project)

Jean Buridan, c. 1300-1360: Questions on Aristotle's Rhetorica Unpublished transcriptions: Sten Ebbesen, Costantino Marmo, Bernadette Preben-Hansen: primo 1990's

Jean Jandun, 1286-1328: Questions on Aristotle's Rhetorica Unpublished transcriptions: Bernadette Preben-Hansen & Sten Ebbesen: primo 1990's

Johannes Buridanus, Quaestiones in libros Rhetoricorum Aristotelis, hrsg. von G.Krieger und F.B. Stammkötter in zusammenarbeit mit B.Preben-Hansen: Bulletin de Philosophie Médiévale 2000 (42), 39 The edition in charge of F.B. Stammkötter was supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and discontinued in 2001


Sten Ebbesen on Jean Buridan's Rhetoric: Commission VI: The Trivium

Bulletin de Philosophie Médiévale 2003 (45), 11-16

Bulletin de Philosophie Médiévale 2010 (52), 15-24

(No mention of my name)


I can supply with additional information, having consulted the manuscripts on location in Berlin, Erfurt, Leipzig, Lübeck and Paris

(The former Director of the Institute of Greek and Latin – of private reasons - refused me access to the microfilms of the SAXO Institute, Greek and Latin - despite my fellowship of the QUEEN INGRID’S ROMAN FOUNDATION 1992/1993 and my position as an undergraduate student of the Institute of Greek and Latin Medieval Philology of the University of Copenhagen. Of this reason and since these texts are of a very poor quality from a philosophical point of view – I gave up this project and will never return to it)

Berlin SB, 4° 377/I (Rose 979), 47r-125v: Buridan's Rhetoric. Codex is incommunicable. Inspected on location: 2010

Erfurt UB, Ampl. 4° 319, 144r-189v

Leipzig UB, 4° 1246, 324r-394v (year 1452)

Lübeck SB, philos. 2° 3, 262rb-321rb: A compilation of the Questions on Aristotle's Rhetorica by Jandun & Buridan. Inspected on location: 1990's, 2010

Paris BN, Lat. 16408, 179r-182r: The Paris Fragment. Inspected on location: 1991, 2000's

Bernadette Preben-Hansen

Kraków BJ 1771, 142v. Paris c. 1370

Berlin SB, 4° 377/I

15-12-1989 to 10-12-1991

1990-1991, engagement (Sten Ebbesen, docent & Bernadette Preben-Hansen, undergraduate student),

his spontaneously initiative (unsolicited), 15-12-1989, 23:30 at the University of Copenhagen: "studentnapping"

14-3-1991, engagement

1991, cohabitation with Marie Delgado Ebbesen, b. 1972 (Skolevej 20, DK-2820 Gentofte), the address 1970-1989 of Anni Aggernæs, b. 1950

The teacher-pupil relation and our official engagement was strongly opposed by the Department secretary (Hannah Krogh Hansen)

1993, the Director Sten Ebbesen refused me working-access to our scientific SAXO library, Greek and Latin and to the relevant microfilms

1994-1999, Disciplinary Measures Towards Students at The University of Copenhagen, by the Director Sten Ebbesen

The Department secretary (Hannah Krogh Hansen) was in the Academic Council, with the Dean John Kuhlmann Madsen and the Head of Secretariat Kirsten Stenbjerre (the undergraduate student was in state of permanent sorrow)

1999, Dorrit Wivel copy-pasted one page of sentences, mentioning no source, but authored by Sten Ebbesen (de iure disqualified by the Dean 1994)

2004, the University of Copenhagen granted me a personal library & microfilm permission: The SAXO Library, Greek and Latin - at the Royal Library of Copenhagen;

2006, the Department secretary (Hannah Krogh Hansen) went on retirement. She was offered a position at the Rectors' Office

2011, the library and microfilm permission was confirmed by the Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman

2015, the library and microfilm permission was finally effectuated by the University of Copenhagen

Waiting time per item: 3-8 weeks (2012-2015); 1-2 weeks (2015-2017); microfilms (2012): 6-12 months

2015, Professor Sten Ebbesen remains refusing me working-access to the microfilms of the SAXO institute (Hanne Møller, 2015)

The official argument (Hanne Møller 2015) is that the microfilm-collection of the SAXO institute, Greek and Latin, is

the personal and private property of Professor Sten Ebbesen (sic!)

2016, Sten Ebbesen went on retirement. His influence and power remains




2017, Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist (e-mail documentation from Jakob Leth Fink, 2017) is keeping me out of Representation and Reality (Gothenburg)