RU Moscow 2019, in spe Sonderarchive
GB Oxford 2019, in spe Bodleian Library, Merton College Library
DE München 2018, May 23-25 Quantifying Aristotle. The Impact, Spread and Decline of the Calculatores Tradition
GB Düsseldorf 2018, Jun. 25-29 ESMLS 22: Language, Thought, and Reality: The Continental and British Traditions of Medieval Logic Revisited
GB St Andrews 2018, Apr. 30-May 2 ARCHÉ: Medieval Logic and its Contemporary Relevance
# Bernadette Preben-Hansen 2018 (30-5)
DK Cph 2017, Nov. 30 Revolutionsfest for 60-året for den socialistiske Oktoberrevolution - reenacted (Arbejdermuseet) LG
DK Cph 2017, Nov. 17 1917-revolutionerne i Rusland og deres betydning for Europa i dag (DRF) LG
DK Cph 2017, Nov. 13 1917, Political and Military Reactions to War Fatique (Dansk Militærhistorisk Kommission) LG
DK Cph 2017, Nov. 07 Russisk Revolution 1917-2017 (Arbejdermuseet, konference) LG
FR Tours 2017, Nov. Blaise de Parme. Physique & psychologie
GB St Andrews 2017, May 23-24 ARCHÉ: Proofs of Propositions in 14th-Century Logic
GB Cambridge 2017, Mar. 31-Apr. 1 Cambridge University Library LG MS: Peterhouse 272 (John Dumbleton)
LV Jelgava, Riga 2017, Jun. 22-23 Strolling through Jelgava LG
LV Riga 2017, Jun. 19-21 The Baltic States at 1999: The 12th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe LG
LTU Kaunas-Vilnius 2017, Jun. 16-18 Strolling through Kaunas and Vilnius LG
DE Berlin 2017, Jun. 11-14 19th BDF Summit in Berlin (Baltic Development Forum) <12-6: Potsdam: Sanssouci; Wannseekonferenz> LG
DE Bonn: Poppelsdorfer Schloß 2017, Jul. 20-22 Time & Modality: Mediaeval and Contemporary Perspectives I missed it!!
GB London (London School of Economics) 2017, Feb. 25-26 Western Europe and the Russian Revolution: Import and Export of ideologies, politics, communities LG
FI Helsinki 2017, Aug. 29-Sept. 1 Reimagining Futures at the End of the Cold War LG
RU Gdansk-Szczecin-Greifswald-Stralsund-Rügen 2017, Aug. 2-6 The Baltic Sea LG
GB Ely Cathedral 2017, Apr. 2 Ely Cathedral LG
GB Edinburgh 2016, Sept. 8-9 University Library LG MSS: 133: Leonine of Padua, Decas Logicae; 134: Logica Algazalis; 135: Logical compendium (Walter Burley on Porphyry's Isagoge, on Aristotle's Categories, Perihermenias, on Universals. The Logica by Paul of Venice); 136: John Seward, Opera Omnia. I copied his letter to Oxford University; 138: Codex from Erfurt, the parva logicalia by Thomas Maulvelt and Richard Billingham; 205: codex copied by Magnus Makculloch in Louvain in 1477. Codex preserves commentaries on Aristotle by Peter of Mera, Andrew of Alkmar and Theoderich of Meysach; 320: the Logic by Paul of Pergula, copied in Padua in 1454-55; 321: the Logic by Paul of Pergula.
FR Paris 2016, Sept. 22-24 Scientific Utopias in Soviet Union: Fiction, Science and Power 1917-1991 LG
EE Tartu (Cph-Helsinki-Tartu-Tallinn-Cph) 2016, Nov. 25 The Baltic crisis, the End of the Cold War, and the Collapse of the USSR LG
US Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania 2016, May 26-28 The Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies: The 2016 AABS conference LG
US Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania 2016, May 26 President Toomas Hendrik Ilves (Estonia) as speaker at the Baltic studies conference at the University of Pennsylvania LG
US New York 2016, May 22-25 New York City LG
DK Cph 2016, May 19-20 Royal Danish Defence College: Nordic Ways of War and Peace LG
DK Cph 2016, Jun. 9 Eruptions of New FIRST WORLD WAR Memories Exploratory Workshop
IT Pisa 2016, Jun. 30-Jul. 5 ESMLS 21: Parts and Wholes in Medieval Logic and Grammar
DK Cph 2016, Jun. 13 The UK Referendum Debate: Burning Questions (Paul Craig, Oxford)
DK Cph 2016, Jun. 10 President Andrzej Duda (Poland) on the NATO Jul. Summit in Warsaw and European Security
PO Kraków 2016, Jan. 25-28 Biblioteka Jagiellonska MSS 621 (sophismata), 635, 649, 661, 687 (sophismata), 696, 754, 1771 (Jean Buridan), 1855, 1939 (sophismata), 2132 (H. of Oy, sophismata), 2660 (sophismata).
DK Cph: Danish University Extension 2016, Febr. 9 to Mar. 16 1917 - New Perspectives
CZ Praha 2016, Dec. 8-9 Societas Artistarum 2: Studying the Arts in Medieval Bohemia: The Arts Faculty of Prague University in the Middle Ages
DK Cph 2016, Aug. 23 Royal Danish Defence College: Struggling with the Past LG
DK Cph 2016, Apr. 11 Danmark og Rusland 1917-1924
DK Cph: The Danish National Archives 2015, Sept. 30 Dansk krigsfangehjælp i Rusland og Sibirien 1917-1920
IR Dublin / Maynooth 2015, Sept. 10-12 SIEPM: Tolerance and Concepts of Otherness in Medieval Philosophy Thomas Dewender (1963-2016)
NL Groningen 2015, Oct. 30-31 1st Dutch Seminar in Medieval Philosophy
DE Leipzig 2015, Oct. 21 Universitätsbibliothek