Oxford mss 2019, in spe Bodleian Library, Merton College Library GB
Moscow research 2019, in spe Sonderarchive RU
Svendborg travel 2018, Okt. 16-18 LG DK
München interest 2018, May 23-25 Quantifying Aristotle. The Impact, Spread and Decline of the Calculatores Tradition DE
Düsseldorf symposium 2018, Jun. 25-29 ESMLS 22: Language, Thought, and Reality: The Continental and British Traditions of Medieval Logic Revisited GB
Parma interest 2018, Dec. 5-6 2nd Parma Workshop on Medieval Logic and Metaphysics accepted (Irene Binini), but I did not participate (for the sake of Sten Ebbesen. Mary died Oct. 2018, and I am too concerned) IT
St Andrews interest 2018, Apr. 30-May 2 ARCHÉ: Medieval Logic and its Contemporary Relevance not present GB
Cph present 2017, Nov. 30 Revolutionsfest for 60-året for den socialistiske Oktoberrevolution - reenacted (Arbejdermuseet) LG DK
Cph present 2017, Nov. 17 1917-revolutionerne i Rusland og deres betydning for Europa i dag (DRF) LG DK
Cph present 2017, Nov. 13 1917, Political and Military Reactions to War Fatique (Dansk Militærhistorisk Kommission) LG DK
Cph my lecture 2017, Nov. 07 Russisk Revolution 1917-2017 (Arbejdermuseet, konference) LG DK
Tours interest 2017, Nov. Blaise de Parme. Physique & psychologie FR
St Andrews symposium 2017, May 23-24 ARCHÉ: Proofs of Propositions in 14th-Century Logic GB
Cambridge mss 2017, Mar. 31-Apr. 1 Cambridge University Library LG <MS: Peterhouse 272 (John Dumbleton)> GB
Jelgava, Riga travel 2017, Jun. 22-23 Strolling through Jelgava LG LV
Riga present 2017, Jun. 19-21 The Baltic States at 1999: The 12th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe LG LV
Kaunas→Vilnius travel 2017, Jun. 16-18 Strolling through Kaunas and Vilnius LG LTU
Berlin travel 2017, Jun. 11-14 19th BDF Summit in Berlin (Baltic Development Forum) <12-6: Potsdam: Sanssouci; Wannseekonferenz> LG DE
Bonn: Poppelsdorfer Schloß interest 2017, Jul. 20-22 Time & Modality: Mediaeval and Contemporary Perspectives accepted, but not present DE
London (London School of Economics) present 2017, Feb. 25-26 Western Europe and the Russian Revolution: Import and Export of ideologies, politics, communities LG GB
Helsinki present 2017, Aug. 29-Sept. 1 Reimagining Futures at the End of the Cold War LG FI
Gdansk (Kbh→Malmö-Sturup→Gdansk→Szczecin→Greifswald→Stralsund→Rügen→Sassnitz→Trelleborg→Kbh) travel 2017, Aug. 2-6 The Baltic Sea. Jakobsvejen langs Østersøen LG RU
Ely Cathedral travel 2017, Apr. 2 Ely Cathedral LG GB
Edinburgh mss 2016, Sept. 8-9 University Library LG <MSS: 133: Leonine of Padua, Decas Logicae; 134: Logica Algazalis; 135: Logical compendium (Walter Burley on Porphyry's Isagoge, on Aristotle's Categories, Perihermenias, on Universals. The Logica by Paul of Venice); 136: John Seward, Opera Omnia. I copied his letter to Oxford University; 138: Codex from Erfurt, the parva logicalia by Thomas Maulvelt and Richard Billingham; 205: codex copied by Magnus Makculloch in Louvain in 1477. Codex preserves commentaries on Aristotle by Peter of Mera, Andrew of Alkmar and Theoderich of Meysach; 320: the Logic by Paul of Pergula, copied in Padua in 1454-55; 321: the Logic by Paul of Pergula.> GB
Paris present 2016, Sept. 22-24 Scientific Utopias in Soviet Union: Fiction, Science and Power 1917-1991 LG FR
Tartu (Cph→Helsinki→Tartu→Tallinn→Cph) present 2016, Nov. 25 The Baltic crisis, the End of the Cold War, and the Collapse of the USSR LG EE
Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania present 2016, May 26-28 The Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies: The 2016 AABS conference LG US
Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania present 2016, May 26 President Toomas Hendrik Ilves (Estonia) as speaker at the Baltic studies conference at the University of Pennsylvania LG US
New York travel 2016, May 22-25 New York City LG US
Cph present 2016, May 19-20 Royal Danish Defence College: Nordic Ways of War and Peace LG DK
Cph present 2016, Jun. 9 Eruptions of New FIRST WORLD WAR Memories Exploratory Workshop DK
Pisa symposium 2016, Jun. 30-Jul. 5 ESMLS 21: Parts and Wholes in Medieval Logic and Grammar IT
Cph present 2016, Jun. 13 The UK Referendum Debate: Burning Questions (Paul Craig, Oxford) DK
Cph present 2016, Jun. 10 President Andrzej Duda (Poland) on the NATO Jul. Summit in Warsaw and European Security DK
Kraków mss 2016, Jan. 25-28 Biblioteka Jagiellonska MSS 621 (sophismata), 635, 649, 661, 687 (sophismata), 696, 754, 1771 (Jean Buridan), 1855, 1939 (sophismata), 2132 (H. of Oy, sophismata), 2660 (sophismata). PO
Cph: Danish University Extension my lecture 2016, Febr. 9 to Mar. 16 1917 - New Perspectives DK
Praha symposium 2016, Dec. 8-9 Societas Artistarum 2: Studying the Arts in Medieval Bohemia: The Arts Faculty of Prague University in the Middle Ages CZ
Cph present 2016, Aug. 23 Royal Danish Defence College: Struggling with the Past LG DK
Cph my lecture 2016, Apr. 11 Danmark og Rusland 1917-1924 DK
Cph: The Danish National Archives my lecture 2015, Sept. 30 Dansk krigsfangehjælp i Rusland og Sibirien 1917-1920 DK
Dublin / Maynooth symposium 2015, Sept. 10-12 SIEPM: Tolerance and Concepts of Otherness in Medieval Philosophy Thomas Dewender (1963-2016) IR
Groningen symposium 2015, Oct. 30-31 1st Dutch Seminar in Medieval Philosophy NL
Leipzig mss 2015, Oct. 21 Universitätsbibliothek DE
Parma interest 2015, Nov. 26-27 1st Parma Workshop on Medieval Logic and Metaphysics IT
Cph present 2015, Nov. 24 Royal Danish Defence College: Rusland og Mellemøsten DK
Berlin travel 2015, Nov. 23 Deutschland 1945. Die letzten Kriegsmonate DE
Berlin travel 2015, Nov. 23 Rußland und Deutschland. Von der Konfrontation zur Zusammenarbeit 20th Century History: Germany and Russia DE
Berlin symposium 2015, Nov. 20-21 TOPOI: Limit Decision Problems: Medieval and Contemporary Perspectives DE