A Story About the Bureaucracy of The University of Copenhagen Faculty of Humanities 1994 to 2017

THE SAXO LIBRAY Greek and Latin University of Copenhagen


"Science, scholarship and books go together. Without books no science or scholarship" Sten Ebbesen

The Danes, science, scholarship, and books in the Middle Ages. Living Words and Luminous Pictures: Medieval book culture in Denmark (ed. Erik Petersen). Copenhagen 1999, 119


"The work on this book has been performed in the Institute of Greek and Latin Medieval Philology under the University of Copenhagen. Had I not got the chance to work there, I could never have written it"

Niels Jørgen Green-Pedersen

The Tradition of the Topics in the Middle Ages, The Commentaries on Aristotle’s and Boethius’ Topics. München 1984, 9

A Story About the Bureaucracy of

The University of Copenhagen

Faculty of Humanities

1994 to 2017 (24 years)

Bernadette & Sten Ebbesen 1990-1991

24-3-2017: answer, the Parliamentary Ombudsmand in Denmark

16-3-2017: my letter to the Parliamentary Ombudsman in Denmark

16-3-2017: my answer to Hanne Møller HR- og personalechef, Faculty of Humanities

14-9-2011: my answer to Hanne Møller HR- og personalechef, Faculty of Humanities

17-2-2011: letter from the Parliamentary Ombudsmand in Denmark (the Sten Ebbesen-case)




Hanne Møller, HR- og personalechef, Faculty of Humanities:

21-3-2011, 15-9-2011, 14-11-2011, 12-12-2013, 29-4-2015, 10-3-2017, 15-3-2017, 20-3-2017x2, 27-4-2017





However, it must be said, that Hanne Møller is the most intelligent of the female bureaucrats (Hannah Krogh Hansen, Kirsten Stenbjerre, Dorrit Wivel) of the University of Copenhagen. She secured and finally effectuated my library permission in practice (2011, 2015). I am also grateful towards Hanne Møller. I have just been caught in the bureaucracy of the University of Copenhagen, seemingly for a lifetime




2004, the University of Copenhagen granted me a personal library & microfilm permission: The SAXO Library, Greek and Latin – at the Royal Library of Copenhagen; confirmed by the Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman (2011), but first effectuated by the University of Copenhagen in 2015. Waiting time: 3-8 weeks per item (2012-2015); 1-2 weeks per item (2015-2017); microfilms (2012): 3-5-12 months per item. Professor emeritus Sten Ebbesen remains refusing me access to microfilms since 1993 (Hanne Møller, 2015):

Aristotle's Rhetoric in Latin Scholasticism and to every other project since 1993





Parliamentary Ombudsman in Denmark (Bernadette Preben-Hansen, b. 1967, contra Dorrit Wivel 1999): 2011-2405-7510, 2010-5151-7011 / February 17, 2011 (my library-permission confirmed by the Parliamentary Ombudsman in Denmark)/ 2010-0681-7012, 2008-2217-701, 2007-2118-701, 2006-2287-712, 2006-2023-712, 2005-1794-712, 2004-2695-712; Danish University and Property Agency: 06-010590; Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation: 42 137; Danish Ministry of Education 2000-2726-276 (Bernadette Preben-Hansen, contra Dorrit Wivel 1999). University of Copenhagen, Personale og Jura: 715-861-3/99 (Dorrit Wivel). Faculty of Humanities: 605-0019/11-4550, 605-0017/11-4550, 605-0001/06-7710, 605-0001/06-4550, 401-221-149/97-4261 (Sten Ebbesen, b. 1946)




The Bureaucracy of the University of Copenhagen involved the following persons (documentation by personal signature, official letters and/or e-mail):


David Bloch, Ivan Boserup (The Royal Library), Karsten Christensen, Tine Damsholt, Karl-Erik Frandsen, †Karsten Friis-Jensen, Hans Gammeltoft-Hansen, Ulf Hedetoft, Ralf Hemmingsen, Anders Holm Rasmussen, Carsten Jahnke, Ulla Kjær (Uddannelsesstyrelsen), John Kuhlmann Madsen, Karl Christian Lammers, Margit Laurberg, Rauf Malik (Universitetsstyrelsen), †Jørgen Mejer, Hans Mikkelsen (Copenhagen University Library: A Division of the Royal Library), Hanne Møller, Kjeld Møllgård, Linda Nielsen, Lauge Olaf Nielsen, Kirsten Refsing, Inga Roepstorff, †Jørgen Raasted, †Fritz Saaby Pedersen, Kirsten Stenbjerre, Jørgen Steen Sørensen, Mette Thunø, Dorrit Wivel; more persons of the Danish Ministries and of the Parliamentary Ombudsmand (Mette Kildegaard Hansen 2017); more librarians at the Royal Library of Copenhagen (Interlibrary Loans); more female office clerks at the Faculty of Humanities; several guest researchers (Russell Friedman, with documentation) and more unknown students of our Institute of Greek and Latin, were involved by Hannah Krogh Hansen, the Department secretary: "There are five hens" now ran the tale. To some extent Heine Hansen and Jakob Leth Fink have been involved in the 2010s (around 50-60 persons were directly involved). An engagement (14-3-1991) is a private matter, I thought - but no, it is not - at the University of Copenhagen



In Europe: †Thomas Dewender, Onno Kneepkens, John Marenbon, Olaf Pluta, Hans Thijssen, and many more ...







update: 26-5-2017